Twitter Trend: Students Want Fee Relaxation

Students are demanding a fee relaxation from educational institutes and have also started a twitter trend with the hashtag #StudentsWantFeeRelaxation

A new trend has emerged on twitter as students raise their voices on Twitter. The hashtag #StudentsWantFeeRelaxation has been trending on Twitter for an hour and has managed to receive over 14k tweets as of now.

The students are demanding a fee relaxation of private universities from the government amid the pandemic. As most businesses are closed, the economy is taking a toll and so are many employees as well. Many have been laid off due to the lockdown and some have received a reduction in their salaries. Whereas, there’s no relaxation on university fees.

All educational institutions are closed due to the lockdown and fear of spreading coronavirus. Some have opted to host online classes but that’s only a small chunk. The rest are closed or trying to set up an online system. But the question is, will the students receive any relaxation on fees despite missing weeks worth of classes?

Private universities have not yet announced when the semesters will end and new ones will be starting. No one has ever been through a pandemic before, hence, decision-makers require more time to tackle it. It should also be noted that universities have been sending reminders to students regarding fees during this situation, which has forced students to go online and protest.

However, the Twitterati are adamant in their demands regarding the relaxation of fees. Here are a few tweets that have caught our attention. Take a look at them:

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