Two Pakistani Girls Runaway To Meet BTS

After planning to depart for South Korea to meet BTS, two young females who had been reported missing in Pakistan were discovered.

Aiming to go to South Korea to visit K-pop star group BTS, two adolescent females who were reported missing in Pakistan the other week have been located more than 750 miles from home, according to police in the South Asian nation.

According to Abraiz Ali Abbasi, a senior police officer in the area, the two girls, 13 and 14, vanished from Korangi in Karachi city on Saturday.

According to Abbasi in a video statement, authorities searching their houses discovered a diary in which they wrote of travelling to South Korea to see the supergroup BTS.

“From the diary, we saw mentions of train timetables and that they had been planning to run away with another friend of theirs … who we then interviewed,” Abbasi said.

He said they started tracking the girls aggressively and found out they were in the custody of the police in the city of Lahore where they had travelled by train.

In conjunction with the Lahore police, Abbasi claimed that plans had been established to transport the girls back to their hometown of Karachi.

In order to be more mindful of what their kids are watching online, he also pleaded with parents to please control their children’s screen time.”

According to culture reporter Rabia Mehmood, who used the slang word “stans” for devoted followers, said it is not surprising that two youngsters took this risk for their idols. “But if we had more safe organized fangirling spaces, younger fans could engage openly and freely with each other about their favourites instead of taking such risks.”

K-pop has a massive fan base with fans of all ages and genders all around the world, including Pakistan. South Asian nations sell BTS merchandise like posters and records, and Korean dramas are becoming more and more well-liked.

Due to the eldest member starting his required military service last month, the seven-member Korean phenomenon BTS took a break in late 2017. Jin, who is 30 years old, began his 18-month service in the military on December 13.

As the rest of the members of the band reach the age requirement to enrol in military boot camps, BTS will be kept separated until at least 2025. The band has stated that they want to use this time to focus on solo endeavours.

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