UFC Fighter Ronaldo Tests Positive for COVID-19

As all the fighters are getting tested for COVID-19, unluckily Ronaldo Souza has been tested positive for COVID-19

COVID-19 has taken over the world quite seriously. Where all the sports in the world were cancelled amid COVID-19, there Dana White wanted UFC to take place. The much anticipated Khabib vs Tony was cancelled due to coronavirus. Khabib backed off, and people criticized him quite much. Where he might be scared of Tony, he was more afraid of catching coronavirus. And moreover, he was scared he would be quarantined in a foreign country. Away from his family and friends. Nevertheless, people humiliated him back then, but now they would understand. He was the wisest of all. But Ronaldo wasn’t.

Dana did conduct UFC 249 and will be happening in Florida. But before all the fighters could come against each other, their COVID-19 tests were conducted. Ronaldo Souza, who drove to the fight from Florida only, told authorities one of his family members have been tested positive. When Ronaldo’s test was conducted, it also came positive. Apart from him, other 23 fighters have been tested negative for COVID-19. According to President UFC, Dana White, “We administered 1,200 tests this week, on 300 people. It’s not unexpected one person would test positive. The system works. And what’s good about this, is how we know Jacare tested positive, he’s doing what he needs to do and we’re in a position to help him if he needs it.”

Nevertheless, Ronaldo would not be fighting this tournament. And obviously, his opponent is not quite happy about it. Uriah Hall tweeted saying,

Regardless of everything, it is not safe at all to conduct a fight in such situations. But the UFC management and fighters have been taking precautions. It is good that Ronaldo was tested before the fight, or things might have gone real bad out there.

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