PTV Wants to Set World Record For Most Subscribers in 1 Month

With the hashtag #ErtugrulYouTubeRecord, PTV urges everyone to subscribe to their YouTube channel called TRT Ertugrul by PTV after receiving an overwhelming response from the viewers.

We all know about Ertugrul by now. In Pakistan, Engin Altan or better known as Ertugrul has become a superstar within a week. Before this Turkish drama was dubbed in Urdu and aired on PTV, it was available to watch on Netflix. Well, the problem was that it was in Turkish and you had to read the subtitles to understand.

As we all know, not many opted for that option. Hence, this drama serial became a sensation on TV and YouTube when PTV uploaded it. The response PTV received was way beyond overwhelming. Everyone in Pakistan hopped onto the bandwagon and started watching Ertugrul. It’s definitely the most-watched drama serial in Pakistan during Ramadan.

PTV took notice and progressed towards achieving something bigger. Ertugrul made PTV famous once again. Years back, when there weren’t other channels, PTV was there to entertain us all. I don’t quite remember that era but I’ve heard about it a lot from my parents. With Ertugrul, PTV paved the way for its journey to glory just like the good old days.

PTV started a trend on Twitter with the hashtag #ErtugrulYouTubeRecord and urged everyone to subscribe to their new YouTube channel. Judging from the name, it seems as if they will only upload content related to Ertugrul. The announcement was made on Twitter through an animated video and it went viral within a few hours. I mean that can work considering the fact that this Turkish drama serial has over 400 episodes. It’s that long but not boring at all, trust me.

Currently, their new YouTube channel, TRT Ertugrul by PTV, dedicated to this Turkish drama serial has around 987K subscribers. The current world record for the most subscribed YouTube channel within a month is 6.6 million. The hashtag #ErtugrulYouTubeRecord has been trending on Twitter and we’re eager to see if we can make it happen.

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