Food Streets in Rawalpindi Revive As Lockdown Eases

Now that the lockdown has been eased in Rawalpindi, the food streets - Kashmir Bazaar and Kartarpura Bazaar - have once again come to life.

The outlets at both Kashmir Bazaar and Kartarpura Bazaar had been impacted a lot by the lockdown. However, now that the lockdown has been eased in Rawalpindi, these food streets have once again come to life.

The owners have started to sell food parcels by setting up push carts and steel stalls outside their shops. The outlets keep their shutters down and sell the famous culinary delights for sehr and iftar like street vendors who were exempted from the restriction.

food street rawalpindi lockdown runway pakistan
Kartarpura Bazaar in Rawalpindi before the lockdown

Food outlets have advertised their numbers on the shutters of their shops to encourage customers to order home delivery during the lockdown – these are only available for the nearest destinations according to one of the shop keepers belonging from the Rawalpindi food streets.

This way, not only the food outlets in Rawalpindi are starting to run successfully, but people are also able to consume their favorite dishes and drinks, such as paya chola, chana batora, nulli nihari, rubri kheer and lassi.

The food streets’ shopkeepers stated that before the lockdown eased, they were functioning with the permission of the police after a monetary negotiation, however, now they are free to serve their famous dishes for suhoor and iftaar to the Rawalpindi citizens.


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