We do Miss ‘Pathan Ke Chai’ & Dhabay These Days

We are missing quite many things in this quarantine, but nothing beats the sadness of not having Tea at Dhabay lately.

Life has stopped already. And people are mostly sitting at home as they have nothing else to do. However, the most that boys are missing nowadays is having tea. Not the tea that they used to have at home. But the tea at Dhaba. “Pathan ke chai” was the most essential part of the day for many. Coming back tired from work, that was the only good solution. All friends, sitting at one single place, and talking about life and the situations they had to face that day. That is how essential the dhaba was.

And well, what beats Pathan ke Chai? Probably nothing. Regardless of the fact one likes tea or not, Pathan ke Chai opens up the mind, refreshes the person, and whatnot. But due to this quarantine, one can’t even think about it. But if we look at it from the seller’s perspective, they have been in a big loss too. A loss that might not be counted as such in our country. But nevertheless, it prevails. Many offices, shops, people visiting, all are quite dependent on it usually. Yet it is such a small thing that it is never taken under consideration.

Although Dhabay earns a lot. The Pathans working there are not only hard-working but they are also good at what they do. And they earn enough to easily make them go through such situations. All that I am tensed about the future is, what would it be like? How would one feel to be back at the same Dhaba, for the same Pathan ke Chai we had like ages ago.

We all kind of miss it, no?

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