Underrated Holiday Destinations That Are Worth Visiting

The world is filled with many destinations that have yet not been explored. In this article, we look at the world's most underrated holiday destinations.

When we think of holiday destinations, we often think of more cliché touristy hotspots like Thailand and Turkey.

However, our world has so many enchanting places that have not gotten that much exposure yet. They are just as breathtaking and scenic as the other typical holiday destinations.

Through this article, we hope to highlight these jaw dropping yet highly underrated holiday destinations.

1)  Cambodia

Cambodia is often considered an underrated holiday destination

A country located in South East Asia, Cambodia gets over looked in comparison to some of its neighbors like Thailand.

Despite not being so popular among visitors, the country is packed with history, culture and nature. Explore the vast number of temples scattered across the country which includes the famous Angkor Wat.

Cambodia also has many gorgeous islands that allow visitors to relax and getaway from all the hustle and bustle. Some of the more popular island destinations include Koh Ta Kiev and Bamboo Island.

Whenever your in the region, make sure you definitely give Cambodia a visit. You will certainly not regret it.

2) Estonia

Estonia is often considered an underrated holiday destination

The Baltic state has often been neglected by tourists but one visit to this tiny country will make the trip worth your while. The capital Tallinn is a highly underrated given its abundance of history and fascinating architecture.

When in the capital, do give the Old City a visit which is itself a well renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site. The entirety of the heritage site would make one feel as if they have travelled back in time to the medieval ages.

Apart from its alluring capital, the country also has a large number of national parks. They allow visitors to explore the natural beauty of Estonia.

When visiting Easter Europe, make sure to put Estonia in your travel list as a place worth exploring.

3) Lebanon

Lebanon is often considered an underrated holiday destination

The Middle Eastern country has often been in the news for all the wrong reasons. However, there is more to Lebanon than what is being presented in the international media.

It is a country with some of the best natural beauty in the region. It is also a country packed with a rich and diverse history and culture.

In terms of historical sites, the country is home to two of some of the oldest cities in the world, Byblos and Sidon. Lebanon also has some of the most iconic natural sites in the region such as the Kadisha Valley.

When voyaging across the Middle East, make sure to give the country of Lebanon a worthy visit. This place is truly unforgettable.

4) New Zealand

New Zealand is often considered an underrated destination

Despite being tiny in size, the country hosts such a vast array of tourist attractions that leaves one in complete awe.

One place that is worth visiting is Mount Cook, which is considered the highest peak in the country. Located on the South Island, the mountain is quite majestic and beautiful. The surrounding mountainous area makes for an amazing adventurous getaway.

Other places worth seeing is Stewart Island. This natural wonder has a diverse range of birds that provide animal lovers with much to explore. The beaches and rainforests further add more to the beauty of the island.

New Zealand maybe far but if your up for an adventure of a lifetime, then you must head out down under.

5) Tanzania

Tanzania is often considered an underrated destination

Tanzania has some of the continents most under appreciated national parks such as Serengeti National Park. It is host to a large number of mammal and bird species which include the big five.

The country also has numerous natural sites that are sure worth witnessing. This includes Mount Kilimanjaro National Park that is home to the tallest peak in Africa; Mount Kilimanjaro.

One can also take a visit to the beautiful island of Zanzibar. The exotic island is well known for its serene beaches and crystal clear water.

When planning your next holiday, do put Tanzania in your list of places worth considering to visit.

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