Vienna Attack: Muslim Heroes Save Lives

A Palestinian fast-food manager and two Turkish MMA-fighters risked their lives to save others during the Vienna attack on Monday.

Muslim Heroes, Palestinian immigrants, and two Austrians are being rewarded and labeled as heroes for saving lives in the Vienna attack for displaying extraordinary courage in the terrorist attack on Monday.

Osama Joda, a Muslim, 23-yeard old Palestinian is a restaurant manager of a fast-food chain in Austria’s capital, Vienna. Joda risked his life to rescue a police officer who was shot by a terrorist during the Vienna attack.

Joda saw the police officer wounded, and helped him hide behind a concrete block, tried to stop the officer’s bleeding, and informed other police officers of the Vienna attack and the officer’s injury.

The Vienna Police honored the Muslim, Joda, by providing him with a police badge and thanking him for saving their officer’s life during the Vienna attack, and getting him near an ambulance.

“The terrorist was 20 meters away from me,” Joda told Al Jazeera on a video call. When two policemen came to his aid during the Vienna attack, the attacker opened fire on them and struck an officer. Joda and his colleague ducked behind a tree, then behind a concrete bench.

“We pulled the injured officer aside. I immediately looked for the wound and tried to stop the bleeding with my hand. That did not help. So, I took off my jumper and tried to stop the bleeding with that instead. After 15 minutes the ambulance came. The assassin was still nearby. I went to the ambulance, but they were all in shock, they could not move. I went back to the policeman. I was in shock myself and do not remember who was standing next to me. But suddenly two young men came and helped to bring the wounded to safety.”

The young men who helped Joda during the Vienna attack were also Muslims, they were Mikail Özen, 25, and Recep Gültekin, 21, two Viennese mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters with Turkish family background.

The three have been labeled as Muslim heroes during the Vienna attack, as they helped several people being hurt and performed their duties and civilians with sheer bravery.

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