Wedding designers in Karachi that will make you look beautiful

Designers that will make you look stunning

Looking for the best wedding designers in Karachi? Then you have come to the right place. We give you the full insights on which wedding designers in Karachi to buy your special dress from.

These designers are known for their stylish and slick designs that will make your special occasion even more memorable.

So, without further ado, lets take a look at the best wedding designers in Karachi.

1) One of the best wedding designers in town, the one and only Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari’s wedding dresses are truly a class apart. The eloquent and sophisticated designs of his bridal wear makes his dresses highly sought after.

His latest collection is filled with a diverse range of designs. For instance, his bridal dress titled “Jewel” is a colorful lengha choli dress that is filled with handwork crystals.

best wedding designers in Karachi


Whereas, his other dress titled “Cloudy” is a grey and blue dress filled with gold handwork and petal detailing.

Regardless of the dress you choose, the result will be the same. Which is that it will help make you look absolutely ravishing on your wedding day.

If you are looking to make a lasting impression through your dress, then buy your dress from Nomi Ansari. He is truly one of the best wedding designers in Karachi

2) Setting the benchmark for excellent bridal wear is none other than Sana Abbas

Offering a slick and chic taste to the world of bridal fashion is the highly talented Sana Abbas.

Her newest bridal collection titled “Beau Monde” is a reflection of that. Each dress is designed to help further enhance the overall look of the bride herself.

best wedding designers in Karachi

One such dress in her collection is titled “Drizzle”. Made from the finest fabrics and materials, the beautiful handwork and color of the dress helps create an overall fairytale look for the bride.

In addition, she has many other such stunning range of dresses that will definitely make you look ravishing. These include “Glorious”, “Rosette”, “Wilderness”, “Elan” and “Sparkle”.

If looking completely magical on your special day is what you want, then buy your dress from Sana Abbas. Her chic style of fashion makes her one of the best wedding designers in Karachi.

3) Look absolutely stunning with bridal wear from Sheeba Kapadia

A powerhouse in her own right, Sheeba Kapadia’s bridal collections are a stunning blend of traditional and modern influences.

Her latest collection consist of some killer bridal wear that will make any bride look bodacious. One such dress they have is called “Belladonna”.

The dress is a heavily embellished choli that consists of Zardori details and comes with a lehenga. The lehenga has flower jaal and bird motifs made from Zardori work. It also comes with a dupatta that has four side borders.

best wedding designers in Karachi

If your planning to look absolutely grand and elegant on your big night then you can opt for their “Matilda Stroll”.

The gold metallic dress is filled with countless floral patterns and is accompanied with a highly embroidered dupatta. The dress also consists of a silk net lehenga that contains heavy embroidery as well.

If your looking for a highly fancy wedding dress, then Sheeba Kapadia is the one to go to. Her brand of bridal wear will truly make you look divine. It is for this reason why she is considered one of the best wedding designers in Karachi.

4) One of the most reputed wedding designers in all of Karachi, Faraz Manan 

Considered one of the best wedding designers in Karachi, Faraz Manan is a pioneer in bridal fashion.

Since the establishment of his business in 2003, he has become one of the most reputed names in all of Pakistan.

His 2021 bridal collection consists of stylish bridal dresses that will make any woman look like a star. Some of his most popular dresses from this collection include “Udaipur”, “Silver Tulip” and “Ruby Red”.

If you want the most monumental day of your life to be special then Faraz Manan is the brand for you. His collection will make any women look absolutely incredible on her wedding day.

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