Weird Childhood Pakistani Food Combinations: Nostalgic Delights That Defined Our Taste Buds

As Pakistanis we have had the weirdest food combinations in our childhood which were passed on to us by generation before us and we are not complaining.

Pakistanis hold dear many childhood memories of special food combinations that may seem unconventional to outsiders. These pairings have evolved into beloved traditions in Pakistani households and continue to be savoured to this day. This article delves into some of the unique yet delectable Pakistani food pairings that have delighted taste buds for generations.

Fruit Chaat Mixed With Channa Chaat 


Within the streets of Pakistan, there is a beloved snack enjoyed by many: chana chaat. This scrumptious dish consists of a balanced blend of savoury and sour flavours, created by using chickpeas as the main ingredient. However, some families have taken this delicious snack to new heights by adding a unique twist. By combining the chana chaat with a refreshing fruit salad, they have created an explosion of flavours that is simply unforgettable. The sweet and juicy flavours of apples, oranges, and pomegranate seeds complement the spicy and savoury chana chaat to perfection. This delightful combination of flavours and textures is especially enjoyable on a hot summer day, making it the ideal treat to cool down with.

Fries in a Bun Kebab


One of the most cherished street foods, the Bun Kebab, is a delectable treat that is enjoyed by many. This dish features a patty made from either seasoned beef or lentils that is sandwiched between soft bun bread. The addition of crispy fries within the bun gives this dish a distinct Pakistani touch that is both comforting and enticing. While burgers are a well-known food worldwide, the bread Kebab stands out for its unique blend of flavours and textures. Its popularity is a testament to its delicious taste.

Chocolate Spread and Paratha

Flatbreads called parathas are a mainstay of Pakistani cooking. Even though it’s typically paired with savoury dishes, some kids (and adults) grow to appreciate “Chocolate Paratha.” A paratha is smeared with a decadent chocolate spread or molten chocolate in this sweet variation, which is then folded into a delicious package. The decadent delight is a warm, gooey, and comforting treat that fulfils both a sweet craving and a passion for parathas.

Paratha and Sugar 


Another weird Paratha food combination is the simple and generations-old paratha and sugar. Some kids, however, prefer a more straightforward and sweeter method, rolling up warm parathas with sugar for a delicious and decadent dessert.

Fries, Chaat Masala and Ketchup

Fries are a national favourite, especially the infamous pathan street fries you will find in every gali, but Pakistani children gave them a desi touch by sprinkling them with the savoury spice mixture known as chaat masala. The modest fries were raised to a new level of flavour experience by a blend of traditional ketchup and the fiery and tangy chaat masala.

Biscuit and Chai


In Pakistan, having tea is a holy practice that frequently includes biscuits and chai. Children, however, reversed this practice by dipping their cookies in their tea till they were the ideal softness. Many others developed a treasured guilty pleasure out of the mushy, sweet bliss. You probably started eating this combination when you were an infant. Ahh, good old days when chai and a pack of glucose biscuits were your evening snack.

Pakola Milk 


And of course, how can we forget the nationally loved beverage of the children of Pakistan? Pakola is a popular carbonated soft drink that originated in Pakistan and has gained recognition for its distinct flavour and vibrant green hue. Many individuals have fond childhood memories of mixing Pakola with milk to create a refreshing and adventurous beverage known as ‘Pakola Doodh’ (Pakola milkshake). This combination of the fizzy and sweet soda with the smooth and creamy milk resulted in a frothy and invigorating drink, particularly enjoyed during hot summer days. The delightful taste and unique colour of Pakola have made it a favourite among many individuals in Pakistan and beyond. With the demand increase for this beverage Pakola company officially introduced tetra milk packs of Pakola milk.

When it comes to eating, childhood is an age of fascination, exploration, and unabashed curiosity. Like children everywhere, children in Pakistan created their own culinary adventures by combining flavours and ingredients in imaginative ways. Although some people might find these strange food pairings strange, they represent the thrill of exploration and the capacity to find joy in the small pleasures of life.

Although our palates may change and our taste senses may get more sophisticated as we get older, the recollections of those strange and amazing food pairings from our childhood remain with us, invoking nostalgia and making us smile. The next time you come across an odd food combination, keep in mind that it could simply be the outcome of a curious child’s culinary excursion, which many people in Pakistan regard as an endearing memory of their youth.

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