What Are Poor Pakistanis Getting in Return?

High Taxes and demolishing illegal buildings is all good and legitimate. But what is public getting back from the government.

In the last few months, the Government of Pakistan has taken some steps towards betterment of the country. On the top of the list was demolishing illegal buildings. It all started back in November 2018, when the LEA brought down most of the shops in Sadar Area of Karachi. The shops were constructed on China-Cutting allotments. More than 1000 shops were brought down in one month or so. Moreover, the government later on decided to impose taxes all of a sudden on everyone. Pakistanis, who are not really rich to be honest, had to go through a tough time. And they still are.

The demolitions have begun again, and now the court has decided to bring down illegally erected building. The taxes are still constant, which is making livelihood difficult for middle class and lower class of Pakistan.

The issue is, that the steps that our government is taking are legitimate. Nevertheless, the steps are being implemented rapidly with no substitution being given to the poor Pakistanis. The shops are being broken down, but these hardworking Pakistanis are given no other place to work at. If 1,000 shops had been broken down, it means 1,000 houses lost their earning. These 1,000 shops also effected those suppliers who supplied goods to these shops. Their income has also been effected due to this. And now, when these houses will be brought down, some were left jobless and more will be left homeless.

If the government is taking such action, they should be providing something in return so that people have someplace to earn, and some place to live. We hope, the government looks in to this matter and helps resolves issues for Pakistanis.

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