What Happened to Miniso and its Customer Service?

Lately it feels that Miniso is letting down its customers by degrading the quality of its customer services, especially in its Atrium Mall branch in Karachi.

When Miniso first came to Pakistan, we all loved the customer service and the products that they had to offer us. However, lately it feels that they are letting down their customers by degrading the quality of their customer services, especially in their Atrium Mall branch in Karachi.

Miniso is obsessing over India's thrifty shoppers — Quartz India

The cases of the low quality of customer services arise from Miniso’s Atrium Mall branch in Karachi; these include their return policies, their stocking policies and the way they treat their customers when they enquire about prices and products.

It was first witnessed that a woman came to the store to return a product. However, the way she was treated was horrendous – even if Miniso’s policy is only for 7 days, it can be reiterated politely instead of rudely so that the customer is not alienated by the brand.

Then later on, when another customer enquired about the prices that were noted down on the shelves, they were told the wrong prices – the Rs 300 products were stocked at Rs 180 shelves! Once the customer pointed it out at the counter, instead of apologising for the mistake, they just shrugged it off and told the customer to cancel the product if they want.

This was a regular customer who usually shopped products worth Rs 15,000 from Miniso. However, they were so disenchanted by the lack of proper customer service that they are no longer interested in the products by the company.

After all, why would someone pay the higher prices at Miniso if they were to get treated the same as someone who was shopping in a bazaar at Tariq Road?


Do you also feel that Miniso’s customer service has been subpar lately? Let us know how your experience has been for shopping there!


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