What Just happened in Gothki?

Whats happening to Muslims in India is sad. But whats happening to Hindus in Pakistan is also nothing to be proud over. What happened in Gotki is a big question mark on the incompetency of our Government.

Since the two countries parted, the tensions between Hindus and Muslims have been on the hype. Although a majority from either religious mindset are tolerant towards other, but some keep a different point of view. Few from either religion are extremist in their beliefs and are intolerant towards the other one. That’s what happened in Gothki.

Yesterday, a sad incident took place in Pakistan’s city, Gothki, where a mob attacked Hindu temples in the vicinity. According to the reports, this was a reaction to a statement. The statement was given by a Hindu kid against Holy Prophet PBUH, which comes under the law for blasphemy in Muslim countries. Reacting to the statements, the Muslims extremists went in to the temples and started breaking up different things. They vandalized Hindu Temples and broke down anything that came in to their way. Lucky were the Hindus, who locked themselves in their homes in the first place.

This has not been the first case of Muslim extremism against Hindus. In last few months, many Hindu girls have been kidnapped from Gothki, who have been forcefully converted to Islam. Not to miss the fact, few of those were either eleven or fourteen years of age and were married to ‘Muslims’ before conversion. Few of such culprits were caught by the police but the rest of them escaped, apparently. Forced conversions, forced marriages and extremism have led the Hindus in Pakistan all fumed up. And not only are the Hindus mad at it, but all those literate people in Pakistan are demanding justice.

Although, Rangers reached Gothki as soon as they could, the place was already a disaster. The government should be looking for the culprits and should arrest them as soon as they can, in the case of blasphemy. We all demand Justice.