Apple TV Plus: new streaming service player

Apple TV Plus is the new player in the streaming service market, so will it prove to be a tough competitor for giants like Netflix and the upcoming Disney Plus?

On 10th September Apple announced its new streaming service called Apple TV Plus. What caught most of the global audience’s attention was its $5 monthly service fee. Crazy right?

What’s even better is that upon purchasing any of the new Apple products launched, you enjoy the service free for 1 whole year! Seems like Apple’s ready to take the streaming industry by storm, am I right? 

Apart from really low price rates, there won’t be any advertisements. There is a family sharing plan of up to 5 people. As for the content though, it will include Apple’s original TV shows and movies. There are already 9 confirmed titles, with 5 more said to be released in the coming months. Episodes would be released weekly, with some series dropping all episodes at once. However it is uncertain if Apple will acquire other licensed TV shows and movies.

The Apple TV Plus service will be available on the Apple TV app. So basically every Apple user has access to it, provided they activate the services. This app is also available on Samsung’s smart TV’s, and it is supposed to become available on Sony, LG and Vizio’s smart TVs in the near future. Apple is said to also tap into its competitive pool and have the services available on Roku and Amazon’s Fire TV devices.

The question bearing in a lot of people’s minds is that will Apple’s streaming service undercut its competitors? Netflix dominates the streaming industry, hands down.

For us to think that Apple would reach to that bar set by Netflix is questionable. It has an extensive content coverage which Apple however does not exactly yet.

Disney is also set to launch Disney Plus in November this year. A streaming service which would be priced at $7 a month. It’s features would be similar to those of Netflix, with an extensive library coverage.

This could mean Apple and Disney going head-to-head for their position in the industry.

Nonetheless, Apple TV Plus is something to look forward to; with their high quality content and a solid lineup of well known creatives, as well as their unbelievable price.


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