Drawbacks in implementation on Family Planning in Pakistan

Despite the family planning programs, Pakistan is currently facing clear imbalance of population needs and convenient resources.

Pakistan is the world’s sixth-most-populous countries in the world with their population equivalent to 2.65% of the total world population. Regardless of family planning programs inaction for past decades in Pakistan, the population growth has been exceeding tremendously.

Few of the factors that contributes to the growth rate mainly are:

  • Lack of rational approach to control the cultural and social restraints to the use of family planning
  • Inadequate information on family planning
  • Absence of ministerial attentiveness to family planning program
  • Communication and educational campaigns

Drawbacks-in-implemention-on-Family-Planning-in-Pakistan-runway-pakistan-Family planning accord to reproductive health in two ways, by permitting both men and women to utilize the freedom to determine it, when and how often they are suppose to have children by decreasing the amount of times a woman is vulnerable to unsafe pregnancy and delivery. A study suggest only one-fifth of women use contraceptives due to the low impact of family planning in Pakistan. Nearly 225 million women in low and middle-income countries who do not desire to get pregnant are not using contraceptives.

Documented use of contraceptives in suburban areas of Karachi in contrast to other populated cities is very little. Here, the culture and not the person, decides that how much freedom one person has in making a decision for family planning. The society governs the reproductive performance of an individual which includes number of family members, preference of a male child, family planning, etc.

According to Family Planning 2020 (FP2020) pledge, Pakistan devoted to expand its Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR) from 35% to 55% and decreasing its entire fertility rate form 3.8 births from one woman to 2.6 by 2020. Attestations shows that door-step services expands the demand for modern contraceptive methods and family planning.

There is a dire need to enhance the family planning programs and decrease the fertility rate in order to demolish the population pressurization on country’s corporal and capital expedient.

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