USA Out, Russia In.

Afghan Taliban have now started conversations with Russia, after a small failure in Washington.

Almost after an year, and moth long talks between USA & Taliban, Trump termed the group ‘dead’. Taliban now are in conversation with Russia, who still focuses on resumption between USA & Taliban. Well, if Trump takes a decision, it has to be actually unpredictable. According to Trump during peace talks, “They are dead. They are dead. As far as I’m concerned, they are dead”. Trump issues the statement after a car bomb attack in Kabul.

Well, there are 4 things that were discussed in the meeting since day 1. USA demanded Taliban to agree on not to let other countries use Afghanistan as their base camp. A complete ceasefire from Taliban and their personnel. A discussion between Afghan Government and Taliban to resolve the intra-Afghan issues. And the complete withdraw of USA and NATO from Afghanistan, leaving the country at their own. Well, there should have been dialogues on poppy culture but was left unseen.

However, Taliban are unsure of why Trump cancelled on further meetings. Taliban Spokesman, Shaheen, told that this move came as a surprise because the peace negotiations with USA had concluded “successfully” as was to be closed soon. Well, one could be of the thought that Trump’s decision was based on instincts rather than rationality, because one would not want to miss the chance of bringing peace with Taliban. Russia, being another superpower has taken the advantage to bring in peace talks back to the table. It is yet to see how successful they can be, because Taliban are reiterating to come back in conversation with Washington.

USA’s decision is something they should frown upon and resume talks with Taliban so that the things can come at an end. Terrorism, threats, hatred needs to end as soon as possible and is only possible by coming to dialogues.