‘Goora’ Complex in Pakistanis

Pakistanis are quite literally obsessed with 'Goora' skin color because according to them only being fair brings out the beauty.

The mindset of ‘Goora’ skin color in Pakistan is considered as a beauty standard. Why do we have to discriminate on basis of color? A country where ‘brown’ is genetically common but we as Pakistanis are still stuck with fair skin color.

All the beauty products sitting on dressers shouts one purpose only and that is Goora rang. We have been instructed in such way that from the very starting of our teenage years being brown will bring a girl no good. My question is why? Why does it bother people so much?

As a brown girl living in this society, I am the victim of ‘Goora’ complex. It’s honestly foolish how it is a norm for aunties to comment on a girl being brown and then recommending all sorts of whitening creams to her in order to get accepted in this society. When on hunt for potential wives for their sons, aunties tends to get attracted by the fairer girls because that’s what beauty is for them.

Pakistani brown girls keep getting bombarded with questions like “Beta, you look so tan! Don’t stay out in sun a lot” ,”Why do you play sports, beta? It’ll ruin your color!”, “Apply this whitening cream Beta, else who will marry you?” and a lot more on day to day basis (I mean aunties let the melanin breathe!!)

The ‘Goora’ complex in Pakistan or elsewhere should really end because it has only created a false example of beauty standards. Every brown girl deserve to embrace her duskiness and should be given a chance to embrace it confidently. Being “Goora” is attractive and acceptable; this statement has brainwashed the society in to thinking that ‘fair’ is up to the standards, but it is not.

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