What Makes SZABIST so Different?

Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST) has been a criticized for its small campuses and political links, but does it make it any less of a university?

Since 1995, SZABIST has been an institution that not only provide quality education to its students, but also is a hub of extra-curricular activities. Regardless of the fact that it has ‘home-like-campuses’, the University has actually been a home to many different memories for students. As a matter of fact, small campuses have helped people in making friends all around. It has helped people know one another and build PR amongst students around them. This also has helped teachers know students with their names actually, which isn’t usually the case in many different institutes.

And no, although SZABIST is named after a Politician, but it doesn’t make it a politically affiliated university. Also, there is no discrimination in the university, be it religious, political, or even ethnic. Students are treated equally, no matter where they belong to. And even students here do not have grudge against other religions or other ethnicities. It is like, everyone goes hand in hand, literally.

Nevertheless, it has been quite a sad year for those who were to pass out this semester. They couldn’t get a proper graduation week, that used to take place in SZABIST every year. However, SABISTians have quite many memories to take along with them. Be it the extra-enthusiastic volleyball games or be it the SSC elections, things are always exciting for the people of SZABIST.

SZABIST has friendly people all around. The guards are friendly, the faculty is understanding and the administration is helpful. The cats, there, are quite friendly too. There is a slight issue with parking, but well, SZABISTians have a plot for that. They have got the whole of Boat Basin just around the corner, they have an amazing Chai Wala by the name of ‘Ajwa’ just behind SZABIST. Yeah, they haven’t got good place to host events, but well, one can always find several places to host them.

From events like ZABMUN to ZABFEST to ZABTHEATRE TO ZABIST MEDIA FESTIVAL, there are hundreds of memories that one might take away. These 4 years at SZABIST don’t only provide one with educational upbringing but also help in personal grooming and building self-confidence.

Surely, not all universities are capable of doing that. One might find only a couple of people who would give bad reviews about SZABIST. All in all, those who have graduated from SZABIST would surely have amazing stories to tell you. If you know someone from SZABIST, do ask them what they think is special about the place. And what makes them love this place so much, regardless of all the criticism they face.

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