When Will Suffocated Journalism in Kashmir End?

The people of Kashmir have been facing hardships since the start of August, but none of it can be openly portrayed due to strictness on Journalism.

Kashmir has been on a lock down since 5th August 2019. And slowly and gradually along other things started to shut down too. The internet services started shutting down and television broadcasting also ended up. There has been no particular information on what is going on in Kashmir. Very few and biased news does appear on social media but it is almost 10-15% of what is happening there. People aren’t able to post anything as to what is happening with them amid the closed internet services. The world had one option, and that was external or internal journalism. But that too is facing hardships on the contrary.

Regardless of the issues going on in Kashmir, Journalists are trying their best to do their work with as much strength as possible. However, again, they have to face difficulties. Naseer Ghani tells Al-Jazeera how he was harassed by the Kashmiri forces. “They called me and took my phone, my laptop. They told me they want to check where do statements or mails for stories come. I don’t know what they did with my phone and laptop,” he said. “They kept me interrogating for hours. This means in this place even my phone or laptop is not my own. They can call anytime and take it. There is no privacy to work for journalists here, this is mentally very disturbing.”

International Press Institute (IPI) has taken a notice over this and has told how Journalism is under serious threat in Kashmir.

Probably, it is high time that the world should look after what is happening in Kashmir. And there should be an action taken against the Indian Government over their atrocities in Kashmir.

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