Groups of More than 3 People Not Allowed in Sindh

IGP Sindh announced that groups of 4 or more are not allowed to gather, even in a vehicle.

IGP Sindh Group Vehicle COVID-19
IGP Sindh

As of Friday, groups of 4 or more people are not allowed to gather. This applies everywhere in Sindh, as even the vehicles on the road cannot have groups of 4 or more people in them. The IGP Sindh requested everyone to cooperate and not travel more than necessary as it was important to curtail the spreading of the COVID-19.

Furthermore, he expressed his gratitude to those who followed the rules set by the Government of Sindh willingly.

“We have to not only play our role individually and collectively with responsibility to fight against this virus, but also implement the government’s steps in this regard.” –  IGP Sindh.

Controlling the COVID-19 is not only the Government’s responsibility but also our individual responsibility. Social distancing is the key to ensuring the virus doesn’t spread from person to person, or within groups, and that means we need to travel around less, even in our vehicles, especially in Sindh. We need to isolate ourselves, and touch as less surfaces as possible.


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