Why PR firms are a life saver?

PR is seen as a key component towards helping create a successful brand image and star persona. The article highlights the top five PR firms in the city.

People may not realize it, but PR firms tend to play a pivotal role in the formation of a person or institution’s public image. They play a massive role in how such institutions or people are perceived by people, essentially creating star personas and brand images. They even play a major part in election campaigns for several presidential candidates. In other words, PR firms help make or break people and institutions.

In Pakistan, many within the higher echelons of society rely on PR firms to help formulate their public image. This article will investigate the five major PR firms that can help many of Pakistan’s elites in carving out their star persona and creating brand image for several businesses.

Talking Point:

The PR firm behind the brand image of several infamous local and multinational corporations within Pakistan, Talking Point stands out as the go-to PR firm for major firms. However, they are not just responsible for PR, they also help manage the social media accounts of the firms they are in contact with. They also help manage the interactions the firms have with the media. What makes them stand out amongst others is their creativity and ability to formulate new ideas.


Some of the corporations whose PR and digital marketing is handled by Talking Point



From celebrities such as Tepu Shareef and Marium Mirza to organizations such as Pepsi and Nikon, Starlinks is the brainchild behind the creation of several well-renowned firms’ brand images and celebrity star personas. Their services have accumulated several accolades, for instance, their CEO Shanaz Ramzi received a silver award for PR Agency Achievement of the Year at the PR World Awards 2018 in San Francisco.



Started in 2014, this newly formed organization aims to make a mark on the world of PR. They offer a variety of services ranging from organizing special events, content creation and digital marketing. They are quite renowned for incorporating CSR (corporate social responsibility) elements into their PR projects, which in turn helps to present their clients in a more positive light that seeks to assist the community at large.

Keys Production:

Having been in the market for up to fifteen years, Keys Production has carved itself as the most long-standing established PR firm in the market. They specialize in event management to help bolster a company’s brand image or help spread it to the masses. They also help develop important strategies to help clients manage their interactions better with the public at large.

An event managed by Keys Production.


From countless fashion shows to the Lux style awards, they are responsible for organizing several key events that helped to promote the brand image and name of several of their clients to the general public. Their list of clients includes several national and multinational corporations that include the likes of Dawn, Citibank, Coco Cola, Nike and Nescafe. Their clientele include a list of high-profile personalities from the fields of politics, entertainment and fashion.

An event organized by Catwalk


Started in 2007, Lotus has positioned itself as the go-to PR agency in town. Its list of clientele is as diverse as its activities. They work rigorously to help promote the brand of their clienteles, by devising various media campaigns and promoting the brand through various media platforms such as print magazines and television outlets. They aim to ensure that the brand name and image travels a distance and reaches as many people as possible.

The list of brands that fall under the Lotus banner

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