Workplace Wellness Conference 2020

Workplace Wellness Conference 2020 will be taking place at Regent Plaza, where leaders will discuss how to make workplace happier for employees.

To have loyal employees, workplace matters the most. The way head deals with their employees, the pros and cons at office, all add up to employee’s satisfaction. So all in all, a happy employee not only stays loyal to an organization but also helps cut down the health cost that is spend on one employee. But rarely one knows how not to lose their precious employees. So as to educate the leaders and CEOs all around the country, Murtafiyah as organized a conference by the name of Workplace Wellness Conference.

Workplace Wellness Conference 2020 will be taking place on Thursday, 13th of February 2020 at Regent Plaza, Karachi. The event is to start at 9 AM and will be ending by 5 PM. The conference will be providing a forum for the speakers to deliver their message. Their message on how to keep and make workplace a happier place for those working there. Different speakers will be sharing their experiences on this particular issue.

The tickets for Workplace Wellness Conference 2020 are available at their website along with the itinerary of the complete event. So, the leaders of today and tomorrow should reach out to the event. Not only because that would make them learn a few many things, but it would also train them to become a better leader than today. Also, it might teach the already leaders to keep their employees loyal to themselves.

You can know more about them from their Facebook page and their Event page

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