BBC Shifts to Digital & Slashes 450 Jobs

BBC is trying to shift to digital and save £80m as a result, they've announced to slash 450 newsroom jobs which includes canceling shows as well.

In the new era, everyone and everything is shifting to digital. The audience wants everything to be online and a touch away. Digital content is what they’re demanding and if companies try to do that, they’ll have to make some changes. Similarly, BBC is listening to their audience too and making some changes. On Wednesday, Frans Unsworth, the head of news, announced that they will be focusing more on digital rather than television or radio stations.

Frans Unsworth said:

“I do need to be honest with you: this organization has to face up to the changing way that audiences are using us. We have to adapt. We need to create a modern newsroom that is built for the future and not for the past.”

BBC needs to save around £80m and in order to do that, they need to cut down on teams. Creating a centralized team would result in fewer stories that would air on multiple platforms such as television, digital and radio. It means that a single story won’t be aired through a certain show. A reporter can produce a single story that can be shared through multiple mediums. Hence, all the mediums will be in union and some shows have been canceled.

Newsnight, Radio 5 live, the World Service’s English-language output and the Victoria Derbyshire programme are some shows that are affected the most by this decision. There were more than a hundred stories being produced each day and the audience found it to be too overwhelming.

Frans Unsworth also said:

“Producing fewer stories means we have to be a smaller organization,”

She emphasized on making it efficient. Victoria’s show has been canceled and she’s obviously not happy about it, along with many other reporters and staff at BBC. Organizations like BBC have a responsibility that they need to fulfill and realize how their decisions may affect the society overall.

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