World Health Organization to Conduct WHA Online

World Health Organization will be conducting online assemblies along with different countries, to talk over the COVID-19 issues.

The world is breaking down slowly and gradually, people are dying and the governments are in a state of despair. World Health Organization (WHO) will be conducting a virtual World Health Assembly for the first time ever, to talk over this issue. As said by WHO Chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, “one of the most important (WHAs) since we were founded in 1948”. This shows how important this meeting is going to be. However, there are few reservations in the meeting, mostly coming from the US & China. These two countries have been fighting over who spread the virus, and both are blaming one another.

However, the US has already been threatening China. Moreover, they also have suspended findings being given to WHO over allegations. For now, the biggest challenge in the whole of virtual WHA is to bring these two countries at peace. If they do, things might get a bit easier for the whole of the world. The rest of the countries are looking forward to coming to a solution. A solution that is essential at such a crucial time. EU and others have said that this would be a really good opportunity to bring something and passing it through consensus.

It is really important to bring all the countries on the same page. The meeting, this is to be held this afternoon, will have much to decide. About what to do now and also how did it occur. Moreover, the part of this would also to be interrogated as to which animal brought the virus and how.

Nevertheless, all the world cares about, at the moment, is peace. And relief from COVID-19. And World Health Organization is the best solution giver at the moment.

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