Yasir Hussain Says We Should Boycott India

Yasir Hussain wants all the Pakistani artists to refuse working in India and support our own cinema if we want to stand with Kashmir.

Yasir Hussain posted on Instagram saying that he wants all the artists to boycott India. After the whole Kashmir issue, it has created a gap between both the countries. The Indians think they are right and the rest of the world isn’t doing much about it. It shouldn’t be like that which is why many people are supporting him.

Yasir Hussain showed his concern over the issue and said:

Ab sab Pakistani artist mujhy judge karengy but I don’t care . I love Pakistan and I cry for Kashmir . Mai manta tha k art ki koi boundary nahi hoti magar shayad ab hoti hai . Unhon ne banai hai . Ab hamko bhi banani hogi.
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People are supporting him because what he said isn’t wrong. We all believed that artists should not care about politics and continue working with each other, but that is not possible now. Indians are supporting their government’s decision which is horrible. Their government has been sending troops to Kashmir and injuring civilians. Pakistan has banned Indian content therefore, we should also be supportive of this decision.

Many Pakistani celebrities have spoken against the revocation of ‘Article 370’


We need to stand with our brother and sisters in Kashmir who are being harmed. Banning Indian content is the least we can do right now. In addition, Pakistani cinema is doing great but we cannot compete with Bollywood. It’ll take us time to reach to that stage but the least we can do is support our actors.

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