Suno Chanda Fans Need to Know This!

A whole new season of Suno Chanda will be coming your way very soon. Exciting new episodes and a fun filled new story, part of it will be in UK.

Suno Chanda has received tremendous love from fans all over the world. This drama serial first aired in 2018 and the response was amazing. The epic love story of Ajiya and Arsalan is what enticed the viewers. The hatred which turned into love kept the viewers engaged hence, another season came out this year.

The second season of Suno Chanda received love and appreciation due to which we have some good news. Momina Duraid has confirmed that there might be another one coming soon. If there is a third season of this show then it won’t be aired in 2020. There’s a high chance for it to launch in 2021 so all the fans should hold their horses and stay calm.

Haroon Rashid, a senior journalist broke the news on his twitter. He said:

Hello #SunoChanda fans. #MominaDuraid has confirmed there ARE discussions about a third season but it WILL NOT air in 2020. There will be two year break and *if* it happens, it will air in 2021. Part of the series will be set in the UK.

I guess all the fans should have high hopes for another fun filled comedy season. Something light and different from what we usually see on television. Other dramas are definitely worth the watch but sometimes, it’s good to enjoy a lighthearted drama too. It helps us forget all our worries for a while and divert our attention. Iqra Aziz has won two awards for her different and unique role in this show.

Let’s see what Momina Duraid will bring out in this new season of Suno Chanda. Haroon mentioned that part of the series will be set in UK so, we’re eager to see how that goes. We don’t exactly know when the pre-production will start or when exactly the show will be aired yet.