Yasmeen Lari: Winner of the Jane Drew Award 2020

The Jane Drew Award highlights just how far this woman has traveled in the World of Architecture and More.

It is always an honor for a person to win a prestigious award which highlights their level of expertise and supremacy of their skillset throughout the world. However, for People like Yasmeen Lari, this is yet another feather on an illustrious cap that has spanned decades and has resulted in her becoming a force of nature in her own right. She has imprinted her legacy over the Architecture of Pakistan’s landscape and those who will study such fields will remember her name.

However, A Question has to be asked.

What is the Jane Drew Award?

The Award itself was named after the Architect Dame Jane Drew. Who herself had tried to set up all woman architectural practice. She had the honor of becoming the full professor at not only at Harvard University but also at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Yasmeen Lari achieved this laurel “For her contribution to raising the profile of women in Architecture and Design”. The other winners before her had been similarly been lauded for their contributions. Various aspects of bringing elements of life and inspiration into their art. To showcase their brilliance in multiple art forms.


Who is Yasmeen Lari Anyways?

There are a lot of people who might not have heard of her name before this award.

So, We’ll help you answer this question, “Who is Yasmeen Lari ?”

A graduate from the Oxford School of Architecture (now known as Oxford Brookes University) from 1964, Yasmeen Lari has been a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) since 1969. She has been instrumental in the construction of the Pakistan State Oil House, the Finance and Trade Center, the Naval Housing Projects in Karachi amongst other notable projects.

She resigned from her Architectural practice in 2000. However, her work as a humanitarian aid Worker and an Architectural Historian continued.

In 2006, she was awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz in recognition of her services in her architectural profession and her humanitarian services.

The Twitterati Support

The netizens of Twitter, especially those who actually understood the depth of this award, had the most to say.

Even our Government was quick to praise Yasmeen Lari’s latest achievement as well.


Awards like these prove that there is no lack of talent and artistry in this country. Not only that, it helps to showcase our country in a better light. All the more power to you Madam Yasmeen Lari!

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