Your Ultimate Guide To Some Of The Best Tea Places In Town

This article acts as the ultimate guide for all tea lovers who are looking for some amazing places that serve some sizzling hot tea.

Nothing makes this winter season better than having a boiling cup of hot tea. It acts as a great comfort drink after every meal and keeps you warm during the cold winter days.

If your an avid tea lover, than this article is the one for you. It serves as the ultimate guide to all the best tea places in town.

Without further ado, here is our list of some of the best tea places in town.

1) Chai Wala

This list would not be complete if we did not give Chai Wala a mention. They are regarded as pioneers in making the dhaba culture more popular in the more upper class areas of Karachi.

Chai wala is perhaps one of the best tea places in town.

Apart from being trailblazers, they also serve some amazing hot tea. Some of their best sellers include; Kadak Chai, Doodh Patti Chai and Kashmiri Chai. They also serve some amazing and tasty parathas that will surely enhance your tea drinking experience.

What makes this place even more intriguing is that it is super family friendly. If your looking for a great outing destination during this winter, then give Chai Wala a visit.

2) Fibbi

This tea place is a very popular hang out joint for the youth. Many young guys and girls come together in large groups to socialize while having a nice hot cup of tea.

Fibbi is regarded as one of the best tea places in town.

What makes this place alluring apart from its youthful appeal is its fascinating selection of tea. From Kahwa to Green Tea, Fibbi has it all.

It also offers some amazing burgers, sandwiches and fries to its valued customers. The warm food and cup of tea helps to keep one warm and full during this icy season. Fibbi’s diverse menu and unique set up makes it an appealing hang out place for you and your friends.

3) Chai Shai

Another outstanding venue where one can relish in some amazing tea is the highly popular dhaba joint Chai Shai.

Chai Shai is considered to be one of the best tea places in town.

If your looking for that aromatic tea which upon having a sip packs a huge flavor, then this is the place for you.

Apart from their stellar tea selection, the joint offers some diverse range of tasty and crunchy naan. The warm food coupled with a youthful ambiance makes Chai Shai an amazing tea joint to visit this winter.

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