5 Tips To Elevate Your Mood and Make You Happy

Now that the air is colder and the world outside looks much gloomier, these tips inspired by the Darwinian theory will make a huge difference in your mood and bring happiness.

According to Darwin’s theory, human emotions like happiness have evolved from the start of time and have contributed a lot to history. When modern humans in Africa lived in tightly-knit groups, and they would get positive results that were connected to survival.

Here are some tips you can try to make your days, especially in winters, less gloomy:

1. Make something and share it

Since the beginning of time creative have been admired, like music and art, and a big part of Evolved Psychology field. And even years back creativity would get you benefits in surviving. Being creative is something most people seek out and share it especially in public gives people a sense of happiness. Appreciation and happiness make people happy.

2. Healthy and yummy food

Do you know why we crave carbs and salt so much? It is because our ancestors preferred eating something which made them gain weight in case of a famine or drought hit their area. So now we do find comfort in chocolate chip cookies or fries but these don’t necessarily make us feel happy in the modern world. Not only that but it also comes with a sense of guilt. So it is better to find a healthy comfort food/snack you can munch on regularly.

3. Experience love

Close your eyes and imagine someone you truly love, who can be a parent, sibling, friend, romantic partner, or even a pet. Doesn’t just think of the moments you shared with them make you feel much better already? Having a close and healthy connection with someone is a blessing and that kind of happiness can’t be matched. Love and Happiness go hand in hand and this is proven by humans’ experience. So you can find happiness if you cultivate a long-lasting relationship.

4. Connect with family

Connect with any family member you love and make sure you have a good time with them and forget all the distractions. From the perspective of evolution and in history, a family has been quite an important part of everyone’s life no matter how many friends a person might have. Especially proven by the phrase, “blood is thicker than water”. Blood refers to the family because they share some genetic combination, and water is friends. Spending some time with family, who you like, does make people happy.

5. Explore nature

Sea, mountains, beach, lake, or just an hour of a hike can elevate your mood to make you happy immediately especially if you have fewer distractions. With a schedule like ours nowadays, gloomy weather and the fast life that we have, it is very hard to go out. But remember our ancestors were always out and that really contributes to happiness. You can either go for a walk, a run, a hike or just go out in a garden to work can elevate your mood tremendously.

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