Three Pakistani Women Are A Part Of BBC’s 100 Women 2021 List

As a part of this year's 100 Women list, the BBC has highlighted three Pakistani women who have contributed greatly to society.

The annual BBC 100 Women list highlights the work and contributions of women each year. The list contains women from all across the world from various different fields.

The main attribute that is common across all these women is that their work aims to make our world more egalitarian.

As a part of this year’s list, the BBC has included three outstanding women from Pakistan. Women who have broken barriers and contributed enormously to the betterment of women in our society.

This article highlights the three Pakistani women that are a part of this illustrious list of ground breaking women.

1) Malala Yousafzai

Malala is among the three Pakistani women who are a part of the BBC 100 Women List.

Perhaps one of the most globally recognized faces from Pakistan, it is no surprise that Malala is a part of this list.

As a prominent figure in the fight for girl’s education, she has set up the Malala Fund. A non profit organization dedicated to advancing the education of young girls globally.

This includes building of schools across the global south to help ensure greater access to education for young girls.

In addition, she is also the recipient of the Noble Peace Prize and the youngest person to ever win it in history.

2) Abia Akram

Abia is one of the three Pakistani women who are a part of the BBC 100 Women List.

An activist for the disable community, Abia Akram is truly an inspirational woman. She holds the honor of being the first Pakistani woman to be nominated for the coordinator role at the Commonwealth Young Disabled People’s Forum.

She is also the founder of the National Forum of Women with Disabilities. Akram also uses her role as an activist to lobby for the inclusion of disabled people into the UN Convention on Human Rights.

Her story of dedication and perseverance makes her the idol role model for women living with disabilities. It is no wonder that this lady is one of three Pakistani women who are a part of this glorious list.

3) Laila Haidari

Laila is one of three Pakistani women who are a part of the BBC 100 Women List.

Born to refugee parents who had escaped the war in Afghanistan, Haidari is truly an exceptional women in many aspects.

Despite the hardship her family and her had to endure, she went on to become a strong and independent women. A women that is not afraid to challenge social taboos.

Her work centers around rehabilitating drug abusers and helping them to reclaim their lives. Through her dedication and sheer grit, she was able to set up the Mother Camp, a drug rehabilitation center in Kabul.

Since the establishment of this drug rehabilitation center, over 6,400 Afghans have been rehabilitated. She is truly a fearless and courageous woman who is worthy of bein a part of this year’s list.

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