Zainab Murderer Executed, Gives Us A Hope For A Better Future

People of the nation had requested a public execution of the convict to be set as an example to everyone else

According to the Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC), a death warrant had been issued for Imran Ali the murderer of Zainab. The convict was to be hanged till death today at Central Jail in Lahore.

The molester and murderer of Zainab and seven other young girls was captured earlier this year. The sentence took long and though a lot of struggle the verdict was finally given of execution. In the last month leading up to now, people of the nation had requested a public execution of the convict to be set as an example to everyone else of the consequences that they will face if done something inhumane like Imran Ali did.

The unity of the nation and how everyone came together at a crucial moment when everything wrong in the world seemed like a norm. This is an opportunity to give to us as a nation to prove and better ourselves as humans and as people first, then as a nation. Strict laws need to be implemented, educational sectors need to step out and teach children about good touch and bad touch, schools need to hire psychologists so that they are able to help the children in speaking up against such monsters, children, as well as parents, need to be given proper instructions on how to be able to distinguish between good and bad touch. Self-defense classes need to be taught at home or at schools so that young children, boys and girls both are able to protect themselves, they need to be taught to scream in cases where they feel uncomfortable with strangers or even at times family members.

We as adults of this nation have a responsibility, we are to take care of the children and be vigilant of their health mental and physical for they are the future of this nation. We need to change the perspective we have developed and we need to understand that the world is changing, the people are not always trustworthy, the conceptual ideology of mental illness is only for the menatlly disabled and not an illness but a disease that is untreatable needs to change. If these children are not taken care of and not given the opportunity to shine, it will be on us, we need to wake up and smell the dirty wasteground for today it’s Zainaba and Mukhtaran and Uzma tomorrow it’ll be some other kid.

Do not let this opportunity go, do not let there be another Zainab dusted under a pile of scraps, do not let her be made up tissues for a drop water will collapse her. Let her grow in a world where she is named after knights with names as honorable and as high as any female as strong as any male, beautiful as the nights’ sky and as pure as nature, build her up as a woman made up steel and platinum strong inside and out. Build her up to speak ad the galaxies and universe are compelled to listen to her. Build her a hope, and she will build you a kingdom.

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