20,000+ COVID-19 Cases Allover Pakistan

Pakistan is one of those countries, which has been exposed heavily to COVID-19. And now the whole country has to face consequences.

Since the first case of COVID-19 came in Pakistan, people were of the idea that things might get out of hand. Looking at the condition of other countries, one could tell if it came into Pakistan, it would be hard for the country to counter it. It did come into Pakistan and it actually did get quite tough for them to handle the situation. Regardless of the fact that the whole of the country was on a lockdown, still, the virus was able to spread around the country. And after almost 2 months, we stand at around 21,500 cases, with 486 deaths and 111 patients in critical condition. However, 5,782 patients have recovered.


With Pakistan’s graph slowly and gradually increasing day by day, it is an alarming situation for every Pakistani. But we Pakistanis are so stubborn that even now, we aren’t stopping ourselves from socializing. People are meeting different people, they are moving out, playing cricket on the streets and whatnot. People are even marrying during lockdown. We are not understanding the gravity of the situation & COVID-19. Or we cant learn a lesson from countries like the US, Italy & now even the UK.

We already have buried many people. Bomb blasts, target killings, robbery, thefts, kidnapping, these common crimes in Pakistan take way too many lives already. If, for the sake of our own health, we sit at home and pray for this to get over, things might actually get over soon. It is easy math basically, the more we stay out is directly proportional to how long COVID-19 stays in Pakistan. There is still time that we learn from our mistakes and put ourselves at home only.

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