More Than 10,000 COVID-19 Cases All Over Pakistan

The number of cases all over Pakistan has crossed 10,000 and it is an alarming situation for the entire country.

Two months have passed now since the first case came up in Pakistan. Initially, the graph was moving up quite slowly, and people were quite satisfied with it. They were confident with over the point that COVID-19 won’t spread much in Pakistan and we can take care of ourselves. However, analyzing an increasing graph, CM Sindh, Murad Ali Shah, had imposed a lockdown on the entire province. People kept commuting, as there was a bit of relief in the lockdown. However, amidst all the lockdown and the restrictions, Pakistan today stands at 10,050 cases all around the country.


Is the government to blame here? Not really. No matter how irresponsible the government is every time, this tie they played their part maturely. However, how mature the citizens of Pakistan think they are, they’ve shown lack of common sense this time. Not following the rules and regulations all around, it has led to the spread of COVID-19 all around the country.

If we look at the stats, as for now, there have been 212 deaths all around the country due to COVID-19. Whereas from 10,050 cases 2,156 have recovered from the virus. The most cases arrived from Punjab with a tally of 4,328 people. It is followed by Sindh with 3,373 cases. KPK has 1,345 cases and Baluchistan has 495 cases. Apart from them, Islamabad only, has 194 cases. Moreover the outer states like GB & AJK have 283 and 51 cases respectively.

And these numbers will increase eventually if the lockdown is not more restricted than it is already, the country might have to face serious consequences. If public places like supermarkets, mosques, and other places are not closed down, well, it’s only more and more people who are going to lose their precious lives owing to COVID-19.

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