Iran Launches Military Satellite in to Space

Iran Revolutionary Guard Cops (IGRC) has launched a military satellite into space and well, not all the countries are happy about it.

After long failed attempts, Iran has finally been successful in launching its military satellites. According to Iran, they will be using this satellite for simple peaceful purposes. The satellite, named Noor, was launched on Wednesday 22nd April 2020 from the Markazi Desert, Iran. Moreover, according to IRGC, this was the first satellite ever launched by Tehran. However, Iran failed earlier when Zafar 1 was put into space, which failed. Prior to that Doosti and Payam satellites had also failed to reach its actual goal. After several failures, at last, Iran has been successful in its mission.


However, the most feared and concerned over this launch is The United States, obviously. “This raises a lot of red flags,” said a researcher for Non-proliferation in California. He added “Now that you have the [US] maximum pressure campaign, Iran doesn’t have that much to lose any more.”

This all had to happen, since Trump left the nuclear deal and ordered to sanction Iran. Although, according to Iran, this current Satellite, Noor, has nothing to do with nuclear armament. Moreover, according to them, their aerospace activities lie under UNSC resolutions.

No matter how hard it is to believe, but it seems like Iran and the US are still after each other, even during this pandemic. Their war doesn’t seem to come to an end, however, it has been fuelled more than ever since the attack in Iraq.

All we know for now is, that Iran has launched the military satellite. And will probably use it for tracking information regarding different things. Nevertheless, we hope it is not a sign of another war between the two countries.

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