3 Apps Downloaded Again Due to Quarantine

These three have made it to our top list. Out of the three, two have been downloaded again and the last one is newly discovered.

We use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and many other famous apps on a daily basis. Most of our online businesses and small start-ups thrive on these platforms. They’ve helped us all get rid of boredom too and become a huge part of our lives. But during quarantine, there are other apps that have been downloaded again or discovered. These are our top 3 that have helped us immensely during quarantine:


Houseparty was launched in 2016 and was a big hit but it lost its charm throughout these years. Although Houseparty has been going through a rough patch due to some security concerns, but they’re still going strong. There are rumors that this app collects data and breaches security. However, they have denied the claims and offered a sum of $1 million to whoever provides them proof of a paid commercial smear campaign run to harm their reputation.

Nevertheless, Houseparty has been a huge part of many people’s lives as we isolate ourselves from this world. It lets us stay close to our loved ones.

Ludo Star

The original Ludo Star game by Gameberry Labs is loved by all alike. You can play ludo with friends through the app without being together. This app was a big hit when it first came but many stopped playing and moved on with life. However, during quarantine, many downloaded it again to kill time and just have some fun with friends because there’s nothing else to do.


This one is last because it wasn’t downloaded again but rather a new discovery. Every student and working professional knows what this app is. Honestly speaking, it’s been a lifesaver for all of us. You can give lectures, presentations and host meetings. It’s easy to use, you can share screens without hassle. This one has been by far the most used app and website worldwide and has received many downloads during a short span of time.

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