3 Bad Beauty Hacks To Avoid At All Cost!

We come across various beauty hacks every other day. However, just because you saw something on the internet doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. You should always do your research before trying out any beauty hack.

Here are 3 bad beauty hacks that you should always avoid:

1. Putting Toothpaste on Pimples

Although it does dry out your pimples, but toothpaste contains baking soda and that can make the area redder and more irritated. Toothpaste + skin is not such a good idea.

2. Setting Makeup with Hairspray

I was honestly horrified when i saw a Youtuber try out this hack. I could just imagine how stiff her skin would feel and that made me cringe. Why would you use a hair product on your face? It doesn’t make sense at all and it’s certainly not good for your skin.

3. Using Coconut Oil as a Face Moisturizer

You can apply it on your hair and body, but on the face is a bad idea! If you don’t ever breakout and your skin is like super super super dry (which we doubt it is) then you are just asking for clogged pores when using it as a face moisturizer.

If you’ve been using these beauty hacks then it’s time to put a stop on it!