3 Horrible Work Habits To Break Today

You might not even know it, but there are some common workplace behaviors that completely shatter your employee status and reputation.

You’re probably wondering what these work habits are, so here is a breakdown of them:

Stop Talking In Timid-Speak 

If you have a question for your boss, just ask right away. If you’re not direct, then you will most likely not get what you want. Women’s sometimes speak as they are requesting and that causes your co-workers to doubt your qualifications and confidence. They would question whether or not you trust yourself and therefore will not trust you with with projects. So, just keep things straightforward.

Stop Saying “YES” To Everything

If you constantly find yourself making coffee for everyone and planning staff birthdays, it’s time to change some things. If you’re constantly doing things that are not part of your job description, then people will assume that they can walk all over you.

Don’t Send An Overly Enthusiastic Email

You can add as many exclamation marks as you want texting your bestie, but the same wouldn’t work when you’re at work.

Don’t write “Can’t wait to hear back from you!! Let me know when I can come by!” 

A lot of people treat email like a casual text, which it’s really not. It’s better to avoid exclamation marks and use periods. The only exception to that rule is if you’re congratulating someone on something big.

Have you been exercising any of these bad work habits? If yes, then it’s time to stop!