3 Unexpected Ways To Let Your BFF Know You Love Her

What’s better than a friend who feels like family? There are so many reasons to love your BFF, but how do you tell her how important she is to you? We have put together a few creative and thoughtful ideas for you to show your BFF just how much you adore her!

Do Something From Her To-Do List

Gifts are great, but acts of service are even better! If your friend has been feeling stressed out because of everything in her to-do list, then get some of the tasks done for her. Things like getting some groceries for her or taking her pet to the groomer’s can make such of a difference and really shows just how much you love her.

Plan a Day To Experience Something New Together

Plan a day out with your bestie (make sure she’s free, though) and go do something that you both have never done before. Something like going to a new restaurant together or visiting a new place that just opened in town. The options are endless and the memories will be something you both cherish forever.

Give Her Something She’d Never Get For Herself

Do you see your friend eyeing something at a shop that you know she loves but would never spend the money to get it? This is your chance to let her know how much you appreciate her! Snag that thing right away and give it to her.

Best friends are the best, aren’t they? So, give them some love this these thoughtful ideas.