Sir Allama Iqbal’s ‘Visions Unveiled’: Book launch by The Citizens Foundation

Karachi: The coffee table book titled ‘Vision Unveiled: World view of Allama Iqbal’ was unveiled today in an event held at Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture. The event was attended by Karachi’s poetry enthusiasts and socialites. The book was taken up as a special project by Supporters of The Citizens Foundation (STCF) to celebrate the visionary verses of Allama Iqbal and through this book support The Citizens Foundation’s mission to educate Pakistan. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to The Citizens Foundation (TCF) and will help educate a greater number of less privileged children in remote communities.

The highlight of the event was a dialogue between Arshad Mahmood and Khurram Ali Shafique on selected verses of Iqbal which were then followed by a ghazal performance of the poetry.

Talking about the book unveiling, Mrs. Amna Zahid, STCF member said, “As supporters of education in Pakistan, we have special interest in the literary work of Sir Allama Iqbal. We feel that the enlightenment of heart and soul which is the true essence of knowledge was very close to Iqbal’s heart. That’s why it made perfect sense to compile the selected verses of Iqbal’s poetry with inspiring illustration so that our younger generation can become more familiar with the visionary thoughts of our national poet. At the same time, dedicating this book to TCF is a tribute to the work being done to enable education for all.”

STCF is a dedicated group of TCF volunteers that have committed their energies to the cause of spreading quality education in Pakistan. They conceptualised the project to compile a book on Sir Allama Iqbal’s poetry and commissioned this project to Mr. Khurram Ali Shafique, a well-known scholar focused on Iqbal’s life and work.

The idea of this coffee table book is to bring to life the forgotten lessons of hope and positivity in Iqbal’s verses that our people greatly need today. The book is a true labour of love with this beautiful verse of Iqbal embossed on the cover ‘Aalm-e- nau hai abhi parda-e-taqdeer mein, meri nighoon mein hai is ki sahr be-hijaab’ meaning ‘The new world is hidden behind the veil of destiny. But its dawn is manifest in my vision.’

“I want to especially thank Khurram for putting together some of the most inspiring words of Allama Iqbal in this book, Markings Corporate to beautify the book with illustrations, design and publishing the book gratis, and last but not least Amna Zuberi for adorning the book with her stunning photography.”

Each poetic verse in this book has been carefully translated into English for ease of understanding for the younger audience. The book can be ordered online from Yayvo website. Order link is now live:

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