4 Ways to Cope When Your Crush is Taken

Crushing on someone is only fun when that person is available. So, what do you do when you catch feelings for someone who is already in a committed relationship? You probably want some help getting over your crush so that you don’t loose your mind, and here is how you can do that:

Avoid Unnecessary Interactions

Constantly running into your crush can give you some emotional agony, so try to avoid all interactions. You probably know when there are chances of you running into each other, so try to stay away from situations like that.

Stray Away from Social Media Stalking

Constantly stalking your crush on Instagram will only magnify the sadness you feel when you them them, so stop doing that. We are not suggesting that you be overly dramatic and unfriend or block them, but avoid going on their profile and obsessively checking what they are up to.

Distract Yourself with Other People and Activities

Distracting yourself by hanging out with others is always a good idea to take things off your mind. Focus on other relationships or find a new passion as doing that can help you heal a bit faster.

Stop Hating On Your Crush’s Partner

Always keep in mind that your crush’s partner is a person and not just an obstacle you have to get over. Casting them as a villain and hoping for a breakup so you can just swoop in is an unrealistic fantasy that will either disappoint you or stop you from moving forward.

We understand it can be hard to accept the fact that your crush can’t be yours, but life goes on.