5 Netflix Rom-Coms You Have to Watch

Romantic Comedy is a go to movie genre for most viewers. Fortunately, we've put together a list of the top rom-coms available on Netflix.

A romantic comedy may be your go-to choice if you’re having trouble deciding what to see on a movie night. After all, rom-coms give us a safe space to interact with romance without experiencing its emotional roller coaster.

But because of its success, rom-coms are now widely available, especially on streaming behemoths like Netflix. The Netflix rom-com library can be more difficult to explore than the selection of dating shows due to the abundance of originals, classics, and duds from other studios. The worst romantic comedy series on Netflix has been removed to spare you time, so here are the top five.

Easy A 

Olive (Emma Stone), who may not be the most popular student in school, gets the kind of celebrity that no teenager desires when she tells a small white lie about wandering her virginity.

Olive, however, chooses to take advantage of her reckless new image by utilising it to raise the social status of other afterthoughts and failures instead of just letting things go as they are. Olive harnesses the encouragement of her silly parents and old crush Micah (Cam Gigandet) to quell the high school gossip mill in spite of being shunned by her peers, shamed by her instructors, and even becoming a problem for the school board.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

A terrible turn of events occurs when ladies’ man Ben (Matthew McConaughey) lays his eyes on Andie (Kate Hudson), a publications writer who writes about and actually practises the numerous ways women might turn men away. Ben has bet that he can make a lady fall for him in ten days. Naturally, neither is aware of the other’s eventual goal, which causes each to become more absurd as the countdown to 10 days approaches. But perhaps they really are meant to be together after all.

Kissing Booth 

The Kissing Booth fits the bill for a young rom-com on an assortment of the greatest romantic comedies, which is always incomplete. An adolescent named Elle, played by Joey King, gets herself into trouble when she starts dating her best friend’s popular, bad-boy older brother, who is portrayed by Jacob Elordi from Euphoria. Its excessively clichéd plot has inspired two sequels, but that’s exactly what makes The Kissing Booth the ideal clichéd flick to enjoy when you’re in the mood if you walk in with the correct assumptions.

La La Land

This experimental musical tribute to Hollywood had an amazing 14 nominations and took home six prizes, notably Best Director and Best Actress for Emma Stone. It was a big hit at the Oscars. An aspiring actress named Mia (Stone) serves as a coffee shop employee on a movie set. Jazz musician Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) makes ends meet by playing at receptions and dive clubs. They happen to run into one another in Griffith Park, and they immediately fall in love. The foundation of their relationship, however, starts to fray as every one of their aspirations starts to come true.

To All The Boys: Always and Forever

The third and concluding instalment of the popular To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy on Netflix is a little more mature than the first two. Given that the characters are maturing, getting ready to graduate from high school, and taking their first really important decisions in life, it makes sense. After returning from a family vacation in Korea, Lara Jean (Lana Condor) has begun to consider her future in a wider context. Making college preparations is necessary, whether or not you have Peter (Noah Centineo), your sweetheart.

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