8 Hilarious Signs You’re Addicted to Coffee

Can't process without coffee? Do you have a mug collection and are all-knowing when it comes to coffee? Then this list is for you.

If you’re like many people, coffee is a beverage you rely on to get through the day. However, your love for this drink may have become more of an addiction than a simple preference. If you’re unsure whether your relationship with coffee has become problematic, we’ve compiled a list of 8 signs to look out for. So grab your favourite mug and join us as we explore the potential signs of caffeine addiction.

1. Until you have your first mug of coffee, interacting with others is a living horror.

It’s no secret that you’re not exactly a morning person. The mere thought of starting your day without a piping hot cup of coffee is, frankly, unfathomable. Your family and friends have learned to give you space in the mornings until you’ve had your first sip – they know all too well the risks of disturbing you before that magical moment. And as for work? Well, let’s just say your coffee breaks are sacred and non-negotiable. Without those precious moments of caffeinated bliss, you simply can’t function at your best.

2. Your blood type is not O+ or those general boring blood types we usually hear, its Espresso instead:

Perhaps you could argue that you share a deep attachment with coffee, to the extent that the barista knows your order better than anyone in your inner circle. Nevertheless, we must always bear in mind that although coffee is a highly cherished beverage, it cannot replace the essential function that blood performs in our physical well-being. No quantity of espresso shots can serve as a stand-in for the vital life-sustaining properties that blood provides.

3. Your coffee order represents how you’re feeling at that time.

If you are jolly then a cup full of sugar and caffeine is your order and most people will know your mood after seeing your coffee. But black coffee represents your dark mood just like the coffee.

4. You can have Caffeine any time of the day:

It appears that you have a deep affection for coffee, as it seems to be a constant presence in your daily routine. Whether you are indulging in a decaf brew before retiring for the night or sipping on a cup while catching up on some late-night Netflix, it seems as though you simply cannot resist the allure of this beloved beverage.

5. When you fail to get your fix of coffee, your body experiences a terrible headache.

You cope with your deprivation by making passive-aggressive remarks. You feel like you can not do anything and you stay lazy until you get that caffeine fix.

6. Despite the fact that you are going to be late for class, you always find enough time to get a cup of coffee.

Without my daily caramel macchiato, how can I do maths? The only way to get through the afternoon or morning session of lectures is to do this. You always enter your classes with a coffee in your hand and if one day you don’t your friends know it’s not going to be a good day. With no coffee, your lectures are just unfathomable.

7. Variety of coffee? Black, Cream, or Coated with Sugar:

You take a sommelier’s methodical approach to coffee menus. You are able to distinguish between flat whites, cortados, macchiatos and americanos. Not to mention the lengthy discussions about the ideal milk-to-espresso ratio.

8. An assortment of coffee mugs is more important to you than your friends

You have a coffee mug for each milestone, trip, and event in your life. Each cup in your collection tells a different caffeine-fueled tale, and together they form a collection that might stand up to an art museum.

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