8 Signs That Prove You Are Addicted To Chai

Can't have a break without having chai? Can't function in the morning without chai? Here are some signs to prove you are a chai addict.

Chai is the unofficial national drink of our country and you don’t even want to know what happens when you say you don’t like tea or that you are more of a coffee person.

The most popular and widely consumed drink in Pakistan, and all of East Asia, is chai. Pakistanis take great pride in their mouthwatering DHOODH-PATTI. You are warmly invited to become part of the tea-holic club, my friend if the very first thing you desire when you get up is tea!

Without a steaming cup of chai, most Pakistanis feel their day is unfinished. Pakistan thrives on tea, whether it’s chai prepared with masala, roadside pathans, or just plain old dhoodh patti. You may have an addiction if you are one of those folks who cannot function without a cup. Here is some evidence that supports it.

1. Chai is what you want first thing in the morning!


Your mornings are not complete without Chai and you frequently argue with your parent about tea and they think you should avoid it altogether, while you believe it’s your birthright to drink it. You are not able to function without that morning cup of tea and now you are so used to it that you may as well sleep-make-tea like people sleepwalk.

2. Breaks at Work/University means Chai


You may take 4 to 5 breaks in during your 8 hours job or that single break between hours long class in university means Chai and it is a frequent thing. If your university is lenient enough you may also take a cup of chai in class to keep you from dozing off. The errands boy at work knows your chai timings and is always ready with a cup for you.

3. What medicine? Adrak wali chai will solve all your problems 


You don’t believe in that Panadol and anti-allergic medicines or antibiotic treatments. Unwell? Chai will make you feel like yourself again in no time.

4. In need of a chai fix? Pathan wali chai is your go-to


Who makes the best chai? Yes, that pathan down the street who uses a ladle and knows your tea time. No one in your opinion can make a chai better than Pathan and it can be any dhaba you visit they just have the best chai in the world.

5. Any time is tea time 

Bored? Have tea. Tired? Have tea. Watching TV? Have tea. At someone’s place? Have tea. Going out with friends? Let’s go for chai. You can have tea anytime and any place. Food is not as important as tea.

6. You often think about how people who don’t drink tea survive 


When you meet someone who says they rather have coffee or juice you start questioning their life and choices. You often make friends based on whether they like chai or not.

7. Patti nahi hai? 

You feel like your life is about to end when you hear these words so your family makes sure that they have backup patti at all times for your chai addiction.

8. This article made you wanna grab a cup of tea


You hear or see chai, you want a cup for yourself.

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