The Artistry of Almas: Where Beauty Meets Brilliance

Almas Jewelers aims to provide its customers with products adorned with only the best pure precious stones and making sure their customer feels the exact elegance and artistry the products are made with.

In a world filled with gems and jewellers, you need a jeweler who you can trust, who you know can provide you with nothing less than the perfect gems, jewels and adornments to not only make you shine but also provide you with the beauty and elegance of royalty. For Almas, nothing matters more than peace of mind, integrity, ethics and trust. Almas’ reputation precedes it as it provides its customers with nothing less than perfection, quality assurance at its highest priority. Every collection and jewel piece from Almas tells another story of craftsmanship and passion that hasn’t changed in Almas since its conception in 1967.


What does Almas even mean, you ask? It’s a word of Arabic origin that means “Diamond” while Ishtiaque means “Passion”. The combination of these two words created a long legacy of craftsmanship that has become famous throughout the world. It’s fame in Pakistan, the Middle East and the United States has provided it with a spectacular umbrella under which it has become nothing short of a legacy brand, providing absolute care and superior service because nothing matters more to Almas than its customers peace of mind.

On August the 14th, 1967, Ishtiaque Almas brought Almas to life, creating a revolutionary brand that combines the elegance, tradition and beauty that has spread throughout the centuries into every single one of its creations. Each precious mineral and stone that adorn Almas’ products represent something unique and special, with a passion for each stone unlike any ever seen before. For Almas, diamonds represent the eternity that comes along with memories, silver represents the newness that drives us and the future that we look forward to and finally gold, for Almas, is a packet of power, of strength and of sheer will. Alongside the passionate hard working individuals who provide their customers with the most awe-inspiring and beautiful materials, Almas Exports also focuses on its efforts to providing its services and products to customers all around the globe.


In 50 years, Almas has conquered new horizons across the globe through its online store as well it’s the largest privately owned jewellery chain on the planet with its locations spanning through Karachi, Dallas TX, and many more places all over the world. Almas also offers a wide range of products, from diamonds, gold, silver, wedding jewellery to fine jewellery etc. and this wide variety allows Almas to meet the needs of all their customers and thus satisfy their requirements at all levels, and it also keeps quality assurance at the premium, with two extra quality checks being ran on every product, one at the factory and the other when it arrives in the store. Almas also different set collections for each stones, such as locket sets, silver sets, diamond necklace sets. For Almas, it’s not just a jewel they provide, but femininity, power and elegance all in one, and Almas also has a specialist of precious stones by the name of Dr. Diamond who can help Almas’ customers choose which stone is best suited for them and that he will be able to meet customers’ expectations due to his years of experience.


Almas also provides Gold Coins as timeless symbols of appreciation and achievements for corporate recognition programs as well as other events, which will in turn help elevate your employee rewards with elegance and make their accomplishments shine brighter, as each coin is crafted from the finest gold, being a masterpiece of intricate design and unparalleled quality. The best part about the Gold Coins is that they maintain value, help during inflation due to the authenticity of the gold, provides comfort in case of market collapse also being relatively very easy to sell. Almas also sells to corporate customers and they are also satisfied with Almas’ products and reputation, with corporations such as Engro, Shell and Atlas Honda praising Almas’ products and their integrity to be the best jewelry store, which values customer satisfaction and quality assurance at its primary points.

50 years of providing the best products adorned with beauty and elegance have made Almas a leading jewel brand, making Almas go nowhere but up.