Mayi Ri Shows Our Society The Reality of Child Marriages

We ought to talk more about the negative repercussions of child marriage, as explored by Mayi Ri. This concept by Sana Fahad is quite eye-opening.

Mayi Ri – a drama which takes us into a reality of Pakistani society which we may have forgotten over years after Udaari.

Mayi Ri is a concept by Sana Fahad which is brilliantly written and brought to life by the cast of the drama and director Meesam Naqvi. The plot of Mayi Ri emphasises the flaws in our societal norms. In our culture, child marriage is a problem that is frequently presented by this drama.


The audience will get to see the perilous effects of child marriage after Annie (Aina Asif), a 15-year-old schoolgirl, is forced to marry her 16-year-old cousin all because her uncle wanted to see his youngest son get married before he passes away. As the story of the Mayi Ri develops the viewers will get an insight on how child marriages like this ruin innocent children and their childhood which they are supposed to live as children instead of adults.

Zaheer (Nauman Ejaz) is the eldest sibling of the family and takes care of them after their parents pass away. Although he is quite a successful businessman his perspective is fairly traditional.

Zaheer’s niece, Aina Asif, portrays Annie. She is a gifted student who excels in her studies. Although her father thinks of her and her sisters as burdens which is why marrying her off at the age of 15 was a good idea according to him. And although Annie’s mom Ayesha (Maya Khan) is against her husband marrying off Annie at such a young age, Annie is not close to her mom as she only sees her as a person who gave up and is now a part of the patriarchal system show in Mayi Ri

The only child of Zaheer is Fakhir (Samar Abbas) who becomes the victim of child marriage. Fakhir is not serious about his studies from the start which takes a toll on Zaheer.

And Samina (Maria Wasti) is Zaheer’s wife who is also against this child marriage and tries to defend her son but in vain.


Their children Fakhir and Annie, who are engrossed in the pleasures of adolescence, serve as the focal point of the narrative. Their universe is centred around cousin feuds, arithmetic problems, teenage obsessions, and board games. Up until an unforeseen change of events, they skillfully combine their academics, help their families with chores, and make sure they arrive home on time.

One day, Zaheer decides to arrange for their nuptials. His rationale? He is aware of the passing of time and worries about skipping out on the future of his son’s pleasures. He, therefore, considers getting his son married off at the tender age of 16 to Annie who is one year his junior. While the mothers battle valiantly for the sake of their kids, their attempts gradually fade and they relinquish control of the future of the pair to the men and to God – reflecting common tendencies in patriarchal households dealing with similar circumstances.

This Big Bang production poses numerous significant concerns that our society must work together to find solutions for, with a screenplay that stays unwaveringly loyal to its spirit and performers that immerse themselves so thoroughly in their parts that you can sense their allegiance to the cause.


In Pakistan, marriage between children is a major issue. One in every six young women in Pakistan, or almost 19 million females, gets married off while still a kid, according to UNICEF, exposing a sobering reality. ActionAid found that the rate of child marriages can reach up to 77 per cent in several areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, including Charsadda and Mardan. Qamar Naseem, the project coordinator at Blue Veins, an award-winning charity for women and transgender people with roots in KP, shared these findings. Additionally, he revealed to Images that 23% of Pakistani girls drop out before the ninth or tenth grade.

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