8 Popular Street Food In Karachi You Can’t Miss

The city of lights, Karachi, is not just that is also the city of street food. And it is no news that Karachi does the most delicious food nationwide.

The city of lights, Karachi, is not just that but it is also the city of the most delicious food. Aside from being home to almost 2 million people, the city provides a diverse range of rituals, cultures, people, and of course tastes.

It is quite true that Karachi does the best delicious street food with several iconic dishes famous nationwide. If you do visit Karachi or live there you have to try these eight delicious foods or else you haven’t enjoyed Karachi to its fullest.

1. French Fries

Street Food

Karachi street french fries aren’t just any random french fries, these are THE best french fries especially if topped with masala. You can find these french fries on any street in Karachi and always find it crowded. These are the go-to snacks for Karachites and a comparatively new addition to the Karachi street food list. The 30PKR street fries may be questionable in hygiene and not healthy but they are just too tempting.

2. Bun Kebab

Street Food

These were the king of fast food before McDonald’s and other local restaurants started the burger trend. However, even the burgers couldn’t take the spotlight away from this pocket-friendly yet delicious delicacy. Bun Kebab stalls are now available in many places in Karachi but if you wanna taste the original bun kebabs you should visit Nursery ke Bun Kebabs or Burns Road.

3. Nehari

Nehari is a dish that Karachites can eat any time of the day be it breakfast or dinner. And no I am not just talking about any nehari, if you want to try the actual Karachi nehari you have to try Javed Nehari. As the saying goes in Karachi ‘whoever hasn’t had Javed nihari haven’t had food’. The original restaurant is located in FB Area.

4. Fry Kebab

Street Food

Once you have this Karachi delicacy full of oil and delicious meat, there is no going back. The most famous fry kebabs are Waheed’s Kebab at Burns Road and they were the originators but now you can find them on the menu of several restaurants serving Pakistani food. However, Waheed’s Kebab fry kebab is still one of the best in K-town.

5. Gola Ganda

In Karachi, Gola Ganda is sold at a variety of booths. If you are craving something sweet yet refreshing Gola Ganda is the way to go. Gola Ganda, Karachi’s famed Dohraji street. Without Gola Ganda, any mention of ethnic food in Karachi would be incomplete. During Karachi’s scorching summers, pushcart sellers can be seen distributing Gola Ganda on practically every street, as the rainbow-coloured sweet and cool treat provides a welcome relief from the city’s oppressive heat.

6. Chaat and Gol Gappay

The whole subcontinent is known for its street dishes, especially those that are spicy. Every desi’s heart belongs to these crackly, crispy balls, and deservedly so. And although chaat and gol gappay are available in all cities of India and Pakistan, Karachi Gol Gappay and Chaat stands as separate iconic dishes. If you want to try the best gol gappay and chaat in Karachi head over to Hollywood Chaat in Tariq Road, Rajoo ki Chaat at Bahadurabad, Liaquatabad, Dhoraji or Gulf market.

7. Peshawari Ice Cream

Peshwari ice cream is the perfect dessert and end to your day. This is special ice cream available in Karachi and the most famous location to get it is in Saddar. It may look like average plain vanilla ice cream but it tastes nowhere near vanilla ice cream and if you haven’t had it you have had the best ice cream Pakistan has to offer.

8. Chai Paratha

Street Food

In a list of Karachi foods if you don’t find chai that’s just unacceptable. Boat Basin in Karachi has the best chai and paratha combinations which will make your morning brighter and delicious. In the city, there are various dhabas that specialise in wonderful tea and parathas. However, Chai Wala, in Chota Bukhari, DHA, Karachi, has topped the list for the previous few years. Chai Wala’s patrons relax in a peaceful, open-air setting while eating flavorful parathas and sipping their favourite chai.

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