Dubai Expo 2020: Pakistan Pavilion Won Silver Award Internationally

Pakistan Pavilion received a silver award internationally for its interior design. There were several obstacles in funding and designing this project.

From day 1 of Expo 2020, Pakistan Pavilion has been getting an overwhelming amount of visitors and recorded over one million visitors.

So it is no surprise that it did win a silver award amongst all the other beautifully planned and designed pavilions in Expo 2020. Pakistan Pavilion got a second-place award internationally for its interior which was designed by Ms Noor Jahan.

Abdul Razak Dawood, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Commerce and Investment Adviser, offered his thoughts after getting the news of the Pavilion getting the silver award.

He thanked Ms Noor Jahan for interior design and Mr Rashid Rana for exterior design and the entire creative team who helped and brought the vision alive and showed the beauty of Pakistan internationally. In the tweet, he also thanked the UAE’s Pakistan Embassy, TDAP and the Ministry of Commerce team of Pakistan.

And later on, mentioned and thanked Ambassador Afzal Mahmood for his dedication.

Even this time around, everything seemed to be the same as it had been in the past. Previously, the previous administration had allocated the Pakistan Pavilion contract to a Dubai-based business. When the administration shifted, this neglected infant was turned over to the government’s adviser for business and investment, Razak Dawood. Throughout the team-building, conceptualization, design, and implementation phases, he showed it the type of personal love and care it deserved. As the project leader, he brought on architect Shahid Abdullah, who assembled a carefully selected core team.

The first and most important obstacle for the Pavilion, however, was not artistic; it was working to make this endeavour financially viable. The building expenditures were enormous, even though the UAE government covered half of them. However, the Pakistani government was unable to completely fund such a large-scale project, and it was forced to withdraw.

Dawood and his team, on the other hand, had different ideas, and he personally approached the private sector to begin private funding for the Pavilion. Almost 60 firms contributed to this massive national cause, and they came from a variety of industries. Pakistan may not even have this spectacular pavilion today if the private sector financing had not been done properly.

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