5 Ways To Brighten Up Your Dark Under-eye Circles

We all want the brightest eyes we can get, whether it's because of dark under-eye circles, puffiness, or sagging. Here are 5 ways to achieve that.

We have all been there, getting huge under-eye bags due to all-nighters during exams or the late-night Netflix binging and then trying hard to brighten the under-eye.

Brightening up the under-eye is quite hard and it is important to first know the reason behind the darkness in that area. Some common reasons can be exhaustion, the strain on the eyes, age, excessive exposure to the sun, dehydration, genetics and allergies.

Brightening up the under-eye area is quite a task and takes time. So here are some ways to brighten and hydrate it.

1. Put on something cold like a spoon.

A cool compress can help constrict dilated blood vessels and minimise oedema. This can help to decrease the look of puffiness and dark circles. Wrap a clean towel around a couple of ice cubes and place it on the under-eyes. For the same effect, soak a rag with chilly water and place it on the area beneath your eye for 20 minutes. If the fabric becomes warm or the ice melts, repeat the process. Or keep metal spoons in the freezer overnight and put them over your eye to de-puff.

2. Immerse tea bags in water and put them on the eyes covering the under-eye area

Immerse tea bags in water. Cold tea bags can be used to enhance the look of your eyes. Caffeine and antioxidants in tea can aid to increase blood circulation, shrink blood vessels, and minimise moisture retention beneath the skin. For five minutes, immerse 2 black or green sachets in boiling water. Allow them to cool for 20 minutes in the refrigerator. Put the tea bags to the eyes closed for 20 minutes once they’ve cooled. Rinse eyes using cold water.

3. Makeup can be used to hide under-eye dark circles

Although makeup and cosmetics cannot completely eliminate under-eye dark circles, they can assist to conceal them. Dark marks may be concealed with concealers so that they mix in with your natural skin tone.

4. Use skincare that is tailored to your concerns in the under-eye area

The latest generation of eye creams is more beneficial than ever before, with active ingredients that light the region and reduce fine wrinkles while protecting the skin barrier’s health. Tretinoin or azelaic acid is great and brightens or decreases wrinkles.

5. Colour correct to concealer darkness in the under-eye region

Colour correction can help with cold tones and general gloom in the region. Use a peach-based concealer for blue undertones.  For additional brightness, set the under eyelids with an illuminating powder.

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