8 Things You Can Relate to as a French Fries Addict

Life Via a French Fry Lens: From Fried Passion to Potato Excellence. Here are some things you can relate to as a fries lover.

Ah, the basic French fry—those delicious golden sticks with the magical power to make everyone smile. Life is a tempting balance of crispy desire, salty fulfilment, and perhaps a hint of grease-induced regret for people who find themselves irresistibly pulled to the alluring song of the fryer. This post is for you if you’ve ever thought that you and a potato would make the perfect companions.

1. The potato challenge

Imagine this: Even if there are more items on the restaurant’s menu than you’re able to number your eyes are drawn to the phrase “French fries.” It’s as if your mind has a navigational beacon that only potatoes can use. Each fry variant, from shoestring to waffle, curly to crinkle-cut, presents a different problem to be solved.


2. Sharing your fries? A dilemma for ages

“Sharing is caring,” some assert. However, giving feels like perhaps the most difficult moral conundrum of your life when a dish of perfectly salted French fries is placed on the table. Do you politely offer your buddies a fry while secretly hoping they won’t accept? Or do you go all Joey: “Joey doesn’t share food.”


3. The sauce mysteries

Ketchup? Tick. Cheese? Tick. The list includes Sriracha, ranch, mustard, cheesy sauce, gravy, and more. When you are a fry-fiend, you command a cuisine chorus of flavours in addition to simply dipping your fries. You’ll defend your creation like a spicy Picasso if someone tries to suggest that you overdid it on the sauces.

4. A PhD? You got one

Even if you lack a PhD in French fryology, you will nevertheless carry out a thorough study on the appropriate fry-fryer proportion, the perfect crunch quotient, and the precise moment at which a fry changes from “heavenly” to “burnt.” Although your friends could see it as an obsession, you prefer to view it as a dedication to perfection.


5. Running late? Not without fries

If you are running late then who cares You will run late but at least with your favourite McDonald’s fries. And how people are regular at coffee shops, you are regular at fast-food chains, especially the fries heaven McDonald’s.

6. Your breakfast is French Fries

Who needs waffles or pancakes or eggs when you can have fries for breakfast, plus they can be done on the go so it is a double bonus. If you are going to your morning class or workplace all you have to do is go through the drive-thru and get your lunch in just 5 minutes.

7. Homemade fries are good and all but getting fast food fries is the ultimate goal.

Yes, you can survive on homemade fries when you are broke or the world is quarantining but nothing can beat fast-food fries. They have that perfect crispiness with the perfect colour and the right amount of frying.

8. Fattening? So what?

Oh yes, we all know that fries are unhealthy and fattening but do you think fries lovers care? They have heard it a million times but if they cared they would have listened to those million advice before you.


So, dear potato lovers, accept your enthusiasm for frying! Understand that life is too precious to deprive oneself of little things, whether you’re a skilled fry-noisseur or just a person who enjoys the golden sweetness of French fries. May your french fries always be crisp and your dips always be plentiful as you go off on your adventures loaded with fries. May your hunger always be sated and your palate always be appreciative of the forgotten champions of the humble potato universe.

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