A Gripping Interview With Multi Talented – Naimal Khawar Khan

An interesting chit-chat with Naimal gave us insight of how she started her journey !


  A gripping interview with multi-talented Naimal Khawar Khan


Runway Pakistan indulged in an interview with Naimal Khawar Khan who is an artist and an actress. Her debut in VERNA and on-going drama ANAA has captivated us with her star-glamour looks. The newcomer has also amazed us with her artistic qualities of being a professional painter. The chic-chat with Naimal gave us an insight of how her journey has been so far !


Q) Tell us a bit about yourself and what led you to acting?

1. I am a visual artist and a painter. I did some theater in college but never thought of pursuing acting. I was randomly discovered by shoaib mansoor’s team for a role in his film after they saw a photo of me and that was that.

Q) Describe Naimal Khawar Khan in 3 words?
2. Creative, kind, driven.

Q) What made you decide pursuing acting as a career?
3. I never thought of pursuing acting as a career, still don’t. I am primarily an artist. I took the offers that came my way and it’s been an interesting experience so far.

Q) Since your first film debut VERNA in 2017, how has your journey been like up till now?
4. Verna was a lot of fun to work on. I didn’t pursue any projects after it for a while as I was working on my art until Anaa came my way. I really liked the script and have always admired Shahzad Kashmiri’s work so took on the project.


Q) What have you done that you are most proud of?
5. I graduated with a distinction in my art thesis about the transgender community. I am quite proud of the work I created. I also did my exhibition this month, which had been a dream for me so I’m super proud of that.

Q) What was your driving force towards pursuing painting?
6. I’ve always wanted to be an Artist, there has been nothing else. Painting is a safe space for me and a source of calmness so I’m naturally drawn towards it.

Q) Did you face any hurdles while commencing your first solo art exhibition?
7. I was quite nervous. The scale of my pieces was quite large so that was a challenge. Also, I had just wrapped up shooting Anaa when I started working on my exhibition so I was slightly short on time. But in the end it all worked out so no complaints.

Q) Secret/tips for perfect skin?
8. Coconut oil ! Does wonders.

Q) Go-to makeup products?
9. Bobby brown lip and cheek tint and body shop’s lip balm.

Q) Any weird phobias?
10. I don’t know if it’s weird but I’m really afraid of earthquakes.

Q) How was your experience shooting ANAA in chitral and Islamabad?
11. It was amazing. Chitral is such a beautiful place to shoot in and then Islamabad is home so I truly enjoyed it.




Q) Any funny incidents from sets of ANAA?

12. When Usman Mukhtar is on set there’s plenty of funny of incidents. The guy is hilarious.